Explorer Afternoon

This afternoon we went on an adventure! We stretched our noticing and distilling learning muscles to identify different plants and mini beasts on our explorer walk.
Also we were artists and took in the beautiful scenery of our local area to do some landscape drawing.

Leave a comment below to tell us what you found on the explorer walk for 5 Dojo points.


Diorama by Dayton and Keegan

First get a box or a shoe box.
Next get some blue and green paper.
After that get some materials like pipe cleanerss and real grass.
Now stick the blue paper on the back of your box and but the green paper for the grownd.
Next make some fake trees out of pipe clanes.
After that stik your pipe cleener trees on the Diorama.


Our Diorama by Leon and Gabriel

How we made it:
First we got the box then we got blue paper.
After that we got glue and scissors.
We drew around the box and cut the paper then we glued the paper onto the sides.
Then we went outside and got some rocks.
So we put some shells in it.
Then we put some rocks in it. Then we drew a shark in it. Then we put an octopus in it and we put a man in it.

Our box is called an ocean.
In an ocean there is shark right under water.
Oceans have very dark water.
It is the dangerous sea ever. Oceans are dangerous for people.


Sports trip by Jake

Yesterday we went on a trip in Sheffield and there was a huge track in side the sports hall. When we went in the hall we played some games like someone had to run with a stick and you had to pass it on until you got to the end of the track. Also we had to run behind the teachers which was funny and we did the long Jump! I had a really good day.