Super hero drinks by Libby

This week we made some super hero drinks the instructions to make the super hero drinks are first you will need some cups,straws and drinks that have the couler that you will want in your drink. First get a big jug to pour your drink into. Then pour your drink into it. Next put the other drink into it. After that keep pouring your drinks into it until you have finished.Then you can put your straw in and you might turn into a super hero!!.Decide if you like it or not we hope you want to make another.

Superhero slime Lilly

Yesterday we made superhero slime it was light, baby blue it was Captain America slime. First we put a quarter of water in a cup. Next put half of cornstarch in a cup. Then put a tiny bit of food colering in the water. Then pour the cornscharch into a bowl and then poor the water in to the cornstarch. Next stir the cornstarch and water in the bowl. After that you play with the superhero slime and roll it in to a ball and when you stop it turned in to liquid!